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S2000 challenge round 6 OR How I learned to stop worrying and love Laguna seca.


Sooo on June 30th the S2000 challenge went to Laguna Seca raceway. Yep THE Laguna Seca raceway, home of the infamous turn 8 corkscrew.

What this really meant is I was going to drive a tiny sports car 400 miles then whip the snot out of it all day on one of the most famous racetracks in the world, then, god¬†willing (OK maybe not god, ill go with Carlin on this one and worship the sun but pray to Joe Pesci), drive it 400 miles back home to LA. Now as someone whose sum total of racing experience revolves around tracking a thankless JZA70 Supra (I still love it, but British car owners have a laugh at my expense on the reliability side of things) and running a LeMons racecar which should come with a prescription for meds to ease the post-traumatic stress disorder it will induce, this had the makings of an epic story that would some day involve the phrase “And then it all went wrong”…..and here I sit, back at home still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

For the curious out there in internet land here is what a lap around that track looks like from the point of view of a rank amateur (or if you prefer, from the point of view of the bug smeared on my windshield)



And the madness has begun to set in…..


OK so I am now 3 events into the S2K challenge and about 6 track days into the new year and the insanity is increasing. Suspension has been modified (or as much as I can in my class), Honda alignment recommendations have been tossed out the window in favor of what has colloquially come to be known as “Man Camber” (as in anything less is for women and children). I have upgraded my brakes, then melted them, set them on fire and upgraded them again. I have abused tires in a way that should be a violation of the Geneva convention, and most importantly, I have now been off-track at every racetrack in southern California and I have been sun-burnt,¬† wind-burnt, and had torrential rain dumped on me in a convertible; but what does all of this actually mean?



Quenching the thirst for competition…leaves a salty aftertaste


So I have decided, against my own better judgment and against the advice of friends, financial advisors and loved ones to enter into yet another racing series, the S2000 Challenge. This was really more of a way to twist my own arm to get my lazy ass up to the track at LEAST once a month, wreck some tires and try to improve upon the a-rhythmic gyrations and accompanied swearing that I loosely refer to as driving.

I figure the best way to do this was to do it just like the way I learned how to swim. Stay up late the night before drinking, then show up completely unprepared and jump into the deep end. Man 7 was a weird age for me….but back to the car thing….So I took my car to the 2nd track event I had ever driven it at, and promptly entered it into event number 1 for the 2012 S2000 challenge, in the stock class.


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