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More about lube…


So as the summer months have trundled in and brought with them several triple digit track days which have put to the test the cooling systems on every car dumb enough to go out to the track on a 107 degree day I figured it was time for another oil change and an update from Blackstone on if I should be expecting to see a trail of engine innards trailing behind me on my next outing or if alls clear to give her the beans.

Fortunately the boffins over at Blackstone seem to think its OK to go ahead and give her the beans…

Lubrications and analysis


So given all of the track time I have been abusing my S2000 with, I figured it was time to give the old girl a spa day, and invest in the long-term longevity of the car since I intend to ask much more of it in the future.

To outline what I intended to do:


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