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That name again is Mr Plow….


Ok so at this point we have crossed the rubicon. We have gone from mildly ameteur-ish wanna-be racers to fully amateur-ish wanna-be racers. We now have a tow vehicle.That means the same people who have built the rolling collection of bad ideas we call shitbox will soon be trundling down your local highway sporting a GVWR of over 10,000lbs (yep thats 5 zeroes, get outta my way bitches). Of course we COULD have just gone and bought any ol pickup truck, I hear good things about Fords eco-boost motor, but again what fun would THAT be, so here’s what we did……

Through proper alighment of the stars I had an opportunity to buy a lightly used 2000 Ford Excursion snow plow from Boston Mass. Yep you heard that right snow plow.

Ill say it again snow plow… you want to get out of my way yet.

Just imagine this in your rear view mirror:







Sword of Omens….Show me the path to more camber!


Seriously, our LeMons racer needs camber in a bad way (think Lindsay Lohan in search of cocaine and vodka). The problem is the car as Toyota designed it was never designed to have approximately 1200 lbs cut off of it in a crash diet (insert another Lindsay Lohan joke here). Oh sure there are dozens of after-market parts that can make all our handling dreams come true, they will lower our car, stiffen our ride and make us go all night long (see a doctor if suspension stiffness persists for 4 hours or more) but this is LeMons and those parts all cost way more than we are allowed to spend so we have to get our camber for endurance the way our forefathers used to (you know….think about baseball when things get too intense to avoid early-apexing….) by modifying the OEM parts to do what we need them to.


For your Lemons Consideration (This is for you LeMons Judges)


Dear LeMons Judges,

Since you’re here you are wondering why we should be allowed to join you at this years misguided Arse-freeze-a-palooza…Well lets looks back on some of the lovely times we had at Thunderhill last year







Looking at this, at the time I was pretty certain that chicken was a hallucination caused by the absinthe but maybe I’m wrong I mean you cant photograph hallucinations can you….right? (more…)

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