S2000 Swaybar endlinks

While Installing my new Eibach sway bars onto my 2005 S2000 one of my endlinks stripped and I knew it would need to be cut off since it shared the same horrible design as the endlinks on the Supra so I decided to make some adjustable swaybar endlinks for my S2000 since there wasn’t really a commercial solution that A: I liked, and B: wasn’t ridiculously overpriced.


These are also completely corrosion resistant, and use high grade fastners and shouldnt rust up like the OEM solutions do; most importantly these are adjustable allowing bar pre-load to be set left to right for cars with modified suspension geometry.


Below are some samples of theĀ front and the rear endlinks since there is such a dramatic length difference on the S2000.


For inquiries about anything on this page please email anorexicpoodle@thesafetyaversionsociety.com

These parts are available for sale on Ebay

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