A70 Supra suspension components

So one of the problems with messing with a 20 year old Japanese car is nobody ever makes the parts you want for it. If we enjoyed tinkering with vintage mustangs, I could open a catalog and order literally ANYTHING, but since we have chosen to tinker with the bastard stepchild of the toyota supra family, we are forced to do what so many hot-rodders before us had to do, when nobody offered what they wanted out of a catalog. We have to make our own stuff.


For inquiries about anything on this page please email anorexicpoodle@thesafetyaversionsociety.com


That being said below are the parts we have developed for the chassis.


Adjustable Sway bar endlinks:

These are made of high quality sealed linkage arms with all zinc plated hardware to make them weather and corrosion resistant, and most importantly they are completely adjustable to allow you to properly pre-load the sway bar. Proper sway bar pre-load is important to the turn-in feeling of the car, allowing for equal response in both left and right turns. Below is a sample of our end-link product compared with both the early and late OEM end-links.


Installation instructions can be found HERE: Sway Bar End Link Installation






Adjustable Upper A-Arms:

Coming soon

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