So given all of the track time I have been abusing my S2000 with, I figured it was time to give the old girl a spa day, and invest in the long-term longevity of the car since I intend to ask much more of it in the future.

To outline what I intended to do:

So initial impressions after changing the fluids and taking a drive are that the engine definitely feels less labored, and the shifting feels fantastic. I previously had Redline MTL in the transmission and after 6 or so track days the shifter felt “muddy” and had lost the crisp precise shifting that the S2000 is known for. Changing to the Amsoil Synchromesh immediately had the shifter feeling 100% better.

With hotter months ahead, engine lubrication will be critical in the high revving 2.2 engine. I wont re-hash the details of how to change fluids on the S2000, that has been covered extensively on S2Ki. What I will share is the initial results from my first engine oil analysis:







This is just a baseline, taken after a fe track days on that oil. Lets stay tuned and see what it looks like after the Amsoil spends some time in the engine.


Stay tuned for updates.