Ok so at this point we have crossed the rubicon. We have gone from mildly ameteur-ish wanna-be racers to fully amateur-ish wanna-be racers. We now have a tow vehicle.That means the same people who have built the rolling collection of bad ideas we call shitbox will soon be trundling down your local highway sporting a GVWR of over 10,000lbs (yep thats 5 zeroes, get outta my way bitches). Of course we COULD have just gone and bought any ol pickup truck, I hear good things about Fords eco-boost motor, but again what fun would THAT be, so here’s what we did……

Through proper alighment of the stars I had an opportunity to buy a lightly used 2000 Ford Excursion snow plow from Boston Mass. Yep you heard that right snow plow.

Ill say it again snow plow…..do you want to get out of my way yet.

Just imagine this in your rear view mirror:





And it totally works. there is a little joystick inside that lets you lift and lower it hydraulically, as well as pivot it left and right.


So this will technically kick off a new project series on this site: Project tow vehicle (We have named it Mt Tetanus Q. Moneyshot since we have both had rust rain into our eyes when underneath it).


I wont say getting an east coast work truck to Los Angeles was cheap or event-free. Any deal this awesome has some caveats, and this one had plenty.

  1. The truck was in Boston, and was enormous (and with the plow weighed over 9000lbs). Even with the most awesome shipping company ever (Open Roads Shipping, seriously if you’re shipping a car, call these guys, they rule) it was still easily $2000 to get it across the country, or the price of shipping about 3 normal cars.
  2. It arrived with a knackered starter and 2 dead batteries. (this necessitated unloading it in the turn lane of a busy street by popping it into neutral and letting it ROLL off the transport with the plow taking a chunk of pavement up when it came down), THEN installing 2 batteries and a starter in the nearest alley we could shove it into.
  3. Once it could be started and moved, we discovered it had an oil pan rusted through and some other serious under-body rust. This necessitated 2 oil changes (one to fill and find the leak initially, then a drain, then one more fill a day AFTER we had generously applied JB-Weld to the leak). For the uninitiated (we are diesel neophytes so some of these numbers are shocking), that is 8 GALLONS of oil. Yes it has a 4 Gallon capacity.

Its next stop after the DMV gives it a good ol thumbs up and makes it legal for California road use is a friends shop to get all new suspension and fresh fluids from Amsoil (yep we are Amsoil whores, stay tuned for some future articles on that topic).


In the interim check out our new tow rig to be: