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Lubrications and analysis


So given all of the track time I have been abusing my S2000 with, I figured it was time to give the old girl a spa day, and invest in the long-term longevity of the car since I intend to ask much more of it in the future.

To outline what I intended to do:


That name again is Mr Plow….


Ok so at this point we have crossed the rubicon. We have gone from mildly ameteur-ish wanna-be racers to fully amateur-ish wanna-be racers. We now have a tow vehicle.That means the same people who have built the rolling collection of bad ideas we call shitbox will soon be trundling down your local highway sporting a GVWR of over 10,000lbs (yep thats 5 zeroes, get outta my way bitches). Of course we COULD have just gone and bought any ol pickup truck, I hear good things about Fords eco-boost motor, but again what fun would THAT be, so here’s what we did……

Through proper alighment of the stars I had an opportunity to buy a lightly used 2000 Ford Excursion snow plow from Boston Mass. Yep you heard that right snow plow.

Ill say it again snow plow… you want to get out of my way yet.

Just imagine this in your rear view mirror:






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