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On everything that is right and wrong with the automotive aftermarket


So dear readers (my pluralization of that is pure optimism at this stage) we have been working diligently on putting the LeMons racer back together and managed to fit some new goodies to make testing easier, namely a passenger seat so we can do ride-alongs when testing to get better feedback and for teammate critiquing.  We are booked into a track test day on Sunday at Streets of Willow and things are looking good when on my way to the shop that Saturday morning it occurs to me…….we dont have eye bolts for the passenger side harness. No harness, no ride-alongs, and anyone familiar with racing knows that if you need a specialty part on a weekend, good F-ing luck. (more…)

For your Lemons Consideration (This is for you LeMons Judges)


Dear LeMons Judges,

Since you’re here you are wondering why we should be allowed to join you at this years misguided Arse-freeze-a-palooza…Well lets looks back on some of the lovely times we had at Thunderhill last year







Looking at this, at the time I was pretty certain that chicken was a hallucination caused by the absinthe but maybe I’m wrong I mean you cant photograph hallucinations can you….right? (more…)

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