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Bob Lutz, the Cadillac dealerships across America are cursing you right now


So I have just spent the better part of a Sunday talking with Cadillac dealers…and It has lead me to one conclusion: Cadillac dealers are hugely unprepared to deal with the enthusiast customer. There simply hasn’t been a Cadillac worthy of an enthusiast market since America was involved in a popular war…yea…seriously…think about it.

I walked into a local dealership in the hopes of getting a peek at what the costs might look like on a CTS-V Wagon as well as just looking over the finer details like interior construction and how the plastic bits look like they will age etc, when I am confronted with what is easily the least prepared salesman I have ever encountered.

When can i buy a CTS-V wagon? (more…)

Ship of fools


Well as a new year rapidly approaches there has been a changing of the guard here, as some teammates have departed for personal reasons, and new, and as-of-yet un-jaded individuals have rushed forward to hurl themselves on the hand grenade that is our team. I’m never quite sure how to explain what time with us is like but I think Gary Larsen summed it up best. (more…)

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