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You spin me round……….Like a wheel bearing Part 2


Ok boys and girls out there in intarweb land. I see youve taken a break from your cat videos and free porn to read another one of our updates. For that you should stop and comtemplate the state of your life….seriously….think long and hard about where you are right now and how it all went wrong to get you here. Now that youve come to terms with that, read on! (more…)

You spin me round….like a wheel bearing


I’m sure this post could open like a bad detective movie, in a seedy bar, with a sad stranger nursing a drink telling you about how he had everything, and then somehow it all went wrong. I guess the difference is I’m sober, and not particularly upset.

So to recap todays events, we arrive, already having been through tech inspection with flying colors, and BS inspection with the same fantastic ease, and there is a very nice bounce to our step and some eagerness to lay some rubber. We convene briefly and lay out a plan, Skinny is to spot from the bridge overlooking the back half of the track since you can see much of it from there, and its a great photo spot. The next driver in rotation will be suited and ready as soon as the new driver hits the track, to minimize driver change times, and every driver will aim for 2 hour sessions, and finally we would lead the day with our more conservative drivers, in the hopes that attrition would thin the field for our faster drivers later in the day. (more…)

The Race is on!


So we met up this morning for the standard race weekend breakfast of Dennys crap, or for those of you with less discerning tastes, a high quality meal, and we were off to the races. (more…)

So Pre-race day is done


Ok Day 1 is done, we are all slightly crispy from sunburn but otherwise none the worse for wear. The car is in good shape and ready for the morning. Throughout the day we did get a lot of comments like “How much rubber is under that thing” since we are running 9″ wide fronts and 10″ wide rears but theres no limits on how much tire you can put on the car as long as its all 190 treadwear or higher,

Since we weren’t frantically fixing our own car we had time to make friends with other teams as well, and we found one other team running a supra (their theme is amazing, ill have to get better photos of it tomorrow) so we spent some time in their pit helping them wrench. It would seem we are going to need all the karma we can get. (more…)

Tech and BS Inspection are done…..0 penalty laps


Ok we are through tech and BS inspection and managed to come out with 0 laps. Absinthe and MR Sparkle grease the wheels of justice.

Duffman however had a disagreement with some of the faster farms chickens

Greetings from the pits


So I am just wandering around killing time here, since Chris and I got up at 5 in the morning to get to the track by 6 and secure a good pit spot. Little did we know that there were even sneakier godless heathens than us, who had camped out in the entry road to the track last night. Fortunately their ingenuity was equaled only by their laziness and we managed to roll right past them as they were just waking up. We now have one of the 6 available canopy pit spots.

Some highlights from this morning

The rest of the pics from this morning are in the Thunderhill 2010 Gallery

Hello American Investors!!


Ok we finally got on this intar-web thing and decided to put up a site for us to shout about our hair brained ideas and half-cocked plans (good plans should be fully cocked i guess…..its just not how we roll).

Anyway as I am writing this we are on the road up to the 24 Hours of Lemons Thunderhill Arse-sweat-a-palooza for our 3rd race. Yep these are the kind of bad ideas I’m talking about. Right now there isn’t much here but soon that probably wont change, so go ahead and root around in the image gallery for now then go find something better to do than read our blog, like go build a new doghouse or perhaps just go look at captioned pictures of kittens. It will still be more productive than whats going on here.

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