Project Cars

Bespoke Wiring harness goodness


Originally I had intended to scratch-build the harness for my supra myself, and get my solder-on, but as I was searching for a good connector source, I stumbled across the guys over at Tweak’d Performance. They quickly figured out what I was up to and simply asked “Well would you rather have us build it?”. Initially, i wasn’t so keen on this, but after a quick back and forth, it became apparent that it was actually cheaper to have it done by experts instead of my bumbling self. Well the fruit of their labor was dropped on my front porch today, and boy oh boy am I impressed. These guys are class acts, and while I hope I stay this impressed when I go to start the car, it looks good so far.

Money for Nothing!??


So lately I have been interspersing weekends spent at the shop with weekends spent at my own garage banging on my project supra. For those of you that know me, you probably doubt its existence. Dont worry many do, its been out of commission for a LONG time….BUT in a flurry of motivation that hasn’t been witnessed since they told Sarah Palin she could be governor if she found Waldo, I have been POURING money and time into my supra to get it back on the road. (more…)

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