Release the Skinny


Hello internets, Anorexicpoodle has convinced me to get up off my butt and start contributing to this site. As if conjuring Duff Man in the middle of August in the arm pit of Bakersfield wasn’t enough, now I have to share my thoughts with the world. In the same vein as other self indulgent online articles here are a couple of things I think I think about Ford.

1) First and foremost they make cars that I want to own. Now these aren’t cars that I wouldn’t mind owning but cars that I would be proud to own. Carpocalypse sure did kick start something in the big three and it shows with what Ford is pumping out these days. They started taking queues from their European division and they remembered what a turbo charger can do.

2) I love Australians, yes the women are hot but more importantly it is some of Ford Australia’s products that make get me froggy. Ford America brought over the Fiesta from Europe and I see these things all over the place. Is there some worldly reason they won’t bring Falcon to the states? Drop a slightly detuned 5.0 Coyote motor in there and it would be a riot. Worst case scenario I get stuck with a 4 liter turbocharged inline 6 booo hoo. I am sure I can figure out what to do with a 4 door sedan that makes 360hp with 390lbs of torque. Oh I know, go embarrass the hell out of some BMW owners.

3) SHOnuffff, yeah that is right the rein-visioned Taurus SHO. Never in my right mind would I have thought I would be walking onto the lot of a Ford dealership and asking to look at Taurus. It happened about a month ago and you know what it felt good. With a solid interior, robust power train and a trunk that has more capacity than a truck bed it is a well rounded package. To top it all off the power is derived from a boosted motor and sent to all 4 wheels. Can you say American skyline?? I think it could be the best American sedan under $40k if only it had a RWD bias.

That is enough out of me for now but I will be back as long as I don’t choke on a chicken bone or something.

Displacement doesnt matter: Internet car punditry edition


Hello again dear reader(s?), today I would like to address one of my biggest pet peeves about car punditry in general, the displacement argument. I know everyone has their favorite engine, and their favorite maker, and it is over these loyalties lines have been drawn in the sand and decades long rivalries have been born, Ford vs Chevy, Import vs Domestic, Boost vs Displacement etc. I would like to stand up and say, you’re all wrong. No wait hear me out…


A little aural sex…..


OK Ill freely admit I was never a fan of convertibles. I always looked at them as compromised. As being less stiff than their hardtop counterparts and as a result being somewhat less serious, less of a true car guys car. Lopping the top off a car also had a few unwanted side effects that came with it, mainly everyone around gets to hear you singing along to Phil Collins, or watch you drum along on the steering wheel to Def Leppard. Not a moment most want to share with most of the world. All this makes me going out and buying an S2000 a little unusual, however Ive always liked the car and its high-revving nature, and it doesn’t come any other way than as a convertible so when I picked it up my immediate list of mods included finding a OEM hardtop for it, which once bolted on would likely never come off. I may be changing my mind on that. (more…)

The Time of Legends is Past


I know this is supposed to be about our race effort, but I think this topic is both pertinent and relevant so here is how this is going to go down…Im going to get out my soapbox and rant a bit and in return, ill never tell anyone about that trip to Vegas or why you needed those pills…deal? I thought so.

So last night I sat down to watch LeMans with Steve McQueen and, of course since I’m a complete petrol-head, i was in 120 minutes of ecstasy, but as I was watching it I started taking notice of all the little things, and I’m not referring to plot subtleties (there is almost no plot) but rather the differences in what motivated the characters in the movie and how they carried themselves. What I am referring to here is the insatiable drive for achievement. To race for the sake of racing and compete for the sake of competing, even if no sponsorship or big dollar endorsement is on the line. This is of course not unique to this film, but it is a theme that is carried out amongst all the truly great films for those of us with a touch of pre-mix in our blood and carries over to real life for those with a thirst to go 1 inch farther just for the sake of it, or 1 mile faster just because. One has to recognize the willingness of these men to drive what were basically road-going missiles equipped with only the barest safety features and the most rudimentary understanding of aerodynamics and take them at over 230mph through a circuit composed of country roads, and this is no fiction, this is the truth of motorsports past. This was our concord moment, the zenith of endurance racing lunacy, achievement for the sake of achievement and the moment at which speed and safety met at their most polar of opposites. (more…)

Bob Lutz, the Cadillac dealerships across America are cursing you right now


So I have just spent the better part of a Sunday talking with Cadillac dealers…and It has lead me to one conclusion: Cadillac dealers are hugely unprepared to deal with the enthusiast customer. There simply hasn’t been a Cadillac worthy of an enthusiast market since America was involved in a popular war…yea…seriously…think about it.

I walked into a local dealership in the hopes of getting a peek at what the costs might look like on a CTS-V Wagon as well as just looking over the finer details like interior construction and how the plastic bits look like they will age etc, when I am confronted with what is easily the least prepared salesman I have ever encountered.

When can i buy a CTS-V wagon? (more…)

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